BiK(e)iwi: an ethnographic bike research trip

We won't always follow the easy road, but it is on those roads where the change happens

Research Plan

What better way to carry out research about cycle tourism than during a bike trip? Hence, we want to take our research outdoors. Drawing upon outdoor methodologies, we will carry out research about cycle tourism as learning and education for life. During our trip we want to conduct semi-structured interviews with other cycle-travelers that we meet on our way, which combined with the writing of auto-ethnography diaries will lead us to throw some light on this topic. 

As the destination of our trip, we have chosen New Zealand. This decision was and is not arbitrary, as the next International Adventure Conference (IAC) will be held there in December 2021. Thus, we will finish our trip at the conference, where we will be already able to present the process and methodological challenges that we faced during the fieldwork trip. 

Moreover, we’re planning on giving talks to diverse public during the trip, from schools to universities, passing through non-formal education talks about our trip. We are interested in knowing the impact that traveling by bike has on the development of people’s well being. For doing so, we will pose ourselves, as well as the people we will interview, related questions regarding feelings and emotions, fear and risk, and learning and resilience processes.

In our bike trips we follow the sustainable development goals (SDG), proposed by the United Nations in 2015, which are implied in a transversal way in each pedal stroke that we take and will continue to take.

The Route

Starting in November in Auckland, and cycling through the most significant natural and national parks from New Zealand, we will arrive in Queenstown for the IAC 2021 after 5 weeks of cycling, camping, learning, and adventures. We will also be giving talks about our project during the way, for different kinds of public and in different institutions. Furthermore, we are planning to use our tent to camp in different places and our portable stove for cooking by ourselves using food and ingredients from New Zealand to encourage the local communities.


We are open to all kinds of support that you would like to share with us, from outdoor materials or accommodation during the trip in New Zealand to financial support for food and basic travel costs (as we live in Europe), as well as a warm shower and a laundry machine while cycling or advises of places to go to.